Cats Will Be Cats

What's your best example of this rule?

Cats will be cats, whether that means being curious to a fault, a walking hot mess or absolute jerks. All of these keep us coming back for more cat videos and photos every day and I don't think we'll ever tire of them. This collection of photos is a fantastic example of cats doing their best to be goofy, salty and downright catty. My favorite photo is the one where the cat steals the bunny's cage! I have a cat who's done the same with guinea pigs. She cares much more about being able to lie around in the pen than catching one of the pigs.

Have you heard that there's now a CatCon to highlight the year's best cat videos? The Cats of Instagram are also involved this year, so there are bound to be some super cute videos to check out.

Have you seen any cats being super catlike this week? Share your links in the chat!

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