Cats Cuddling Larger Animals

I'm pretty sure a cat would cuddle a T-Rex

Most people could spend whole days watching cat videos, but when cats snuggle up with animals much larger than themselves it's even more compelling. I still can't get over a video I saw once of a cat snuggling a dolphin! In our house, we like to joke that if we were smaller, our cats would just eat us, and maybe that's true, but maybe they really do just love to snuggle everything. Then again, maybe they just love to try and bribe any being into feeding them with cuddles!

If that's so, this endangered black rhino doesn't have a chance against the charms of the adorable black cat giving it some purrrfect cuddles. Can you even turn away from the cuteness in these photos? It makes me want to go grab my cuts to cuddle, but of course they would just huff at me and ignore me until I open a book, or lie down with a sherpa blanket, or attempt to sleep, all activities they MUST be involved with at any cost.

What is the cutest cat cuddle photo or video you've seen? Share it in the chat!

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