Cats Bond With Their Humans

Finally, some scientific proof!

Years ago, it was announced that like humans, dogs' brains make oxytocin when they look into the eyes of their owners, thereby bonding with them, just as their owners do back. Researchers wondered if cats did the same, and a new study indicates that cats, too, bond with their owners. As anyone familiar with cats can attest to, they obviously don't demonstrate this affection as noticably as dogs do, but they definitely still form bonds with their humans.

Have you ever wondered if your cat was really bonding with you--or if he just looked like he might eat you if you were a wee bit smaller? I must confess that I've pondered something similar with certain cats, but that makes even more sense if they only bond with one human. We have multiple cats in our home and each one chooses a different human. I think that deserves some study! Would my teen's cat, for example, eat me if I were mouse-sized? Probably, but he's so loving and wouldn't harm anyone, compared to another cat we have who doesn't mind clawing up a person.

Do you think your cat has bonded with you like a dog? Share your reasons why or why not in the chat.


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