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Is it even possible?

Is it even possible to train your cat? Some experts give sound advice but every cat is so different and temperamental that it seems like a 50-50 shot no matter what you try. One of the best pieces of advice is also the worst: train them while they're young. It's true that it will probably stick better, but when you have an older cat or are trying to encourage people to adopt older cats, it's not the most helpful advice.

One piece that I read about gently pressing kitten paws into a new scratching post is fantastic: I never thought of doing that to help encourage cats to use their scratching post. The author also suggests providing another warm spot, complete with treats, to discourage cats from jumping on your warm laptop. I've done this and can attest to it both working and not working!

How about you? Any luck with training cats? Tell us about it in the chat.


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