Cat Selfies

How do you take yours?

Cat owners (and those owned by cats, if that is the case), how on Earth do you get your kittehs to sit still for a nice family portrait or kitty selfie? If your cat is like any of mine, it's absolutely out of the question. They are certainly too fabulous to have their photos taken by mere mortals, amirite? It turns out there are a few tricks you can try, like this cat attachment for your phone. It may capture your cat's attention for just long enough to snap that shot--or it may make them make a totally obnoxious face that will look goofy in your photo. Either way, you can try it.

You could also try getting the photo while you're snuggling and someone else could take it for you, which seems to work best in my house. That's not exactly a selfie, but it's a better way to make your cat comfortable while getting a photo. You could also make your own attachments, with anything from a feather to a pipe cleaner, which my cats go gaga over. 

How do you get your cats to stay in the picture? Share your ideas and tips in the chat.

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