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Please help!

Just days ago, we had to rush my kid's beloved cat to the emergency vet due to respiratory distress. We found out that he has heart disease, might have months to live, and will be on medication for the rest of his life. We're all devastatd. This has been my teen's best friend since age 6. He's the most loving cat I've ever met, and he's the last of our original three cats we had since our kiddo was two (now almost 14). You can imagine how terrible we all feel.

But we're also just happy to have him back home after a night of oxygen treatment. Giving him the meds, however, is another story. Getting them down his throat is so gut-wrenching, not only emotionally, but physically as he struggles, grazes me with his teeth and claws and spits it out. He hasn't broken my skin, but it hurts for a while after. It takes me 10 minutes to get his morning pills in him. This is a cat who doesn't like scraps or treats and I'd love to hear what everyone else does to get their cats to take their medicine--especially if you have a cat with a chronic condition you have to medicate daily.

Please let me know what works for you and your family! I'd love any tips you've got.

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