Cat Med Tips, Take 2

I have some to share!

A few weeks ago I shared that our beloved middle-aged cat (and my kid's best friend) has heart disease and we have to give him six pills a day, forever. It started out so heartbreaking that we cried afterward. We're not letting the teen give him meds so they keep their loving relationship and he can just resent my husband and me instead, but it's been hard on us all the same. Even without being scratched and toothed (he's done a bit of both things, but not deeply--he's so gentle) it's heartbreaking.

I have some good news, though. He's taking them much better, at least on most days, and while I'm not a vet and this is not medical advice, I can tell you what's worked for us! For starters, I hold him on a surface that matches my height, like the kitchen counter. I say soft, sweet things, like good boy, while I coax him to swallow the pills. Once I get his mouth open, I put my fingers in as deeply as I can to get them down his throat, clamp his mouth shut while still petting and saying soothing words, until he swallows. I end with treats, which he loves.

Sure, he still fights, but it's gotten much easier, and he's not even resentful afterward--it's like he's mildly annoyed now. What works for you in getting your pets to take meds for chronic conditions? Share your tricks i

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