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Cat lovers, I just stumbled upon a cat superstore that offers every cat goody under the sun. It's the purrfect place to find gifts for all of your cat-loving friends for the holidays, and the shipping rates look great. It's called eCatShop and they carry everything from car accessories to cat toys, phone accessories and even apparel. 

I can get lost on Etsy for hours checking out cat goodies, but it's nice to find a place where you can get everything for one shipping rate. They've got mugs, wind chimes, clocks, backpacks, you name it! They have adorable cat air diffusers for your car to help it smell nice, Totoro-themed cat gear (I really want to get this bed for my cats, but I think they'd just ignore it and the dogs would try to fit in it instead) and jewelry featuring--you guessed it--cats. 

I could really browse this site all day, even if I think some of the items are a bit weird (hello, giant cat on a shower curtain). What do you think of the cat goodies at eCatShop? Have you shopped there before? Tell us about your purchases in the chat.

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