Cat Cookies

What kinds do you serve?

Do your cats know what "cookies" are? At my house, the dogs and cats come running if we offer "cookies," which is what we call treats, but they also sell homemade cookies for cats and dogs. I went into a specialty shop the the other day where they actually sold homemade cookies made for dogs and cats! They are so beautiful that you 'd think they are made for humans instead. I ended up getting my cat a bag of freeze-dried fish (and I say cat because the rest of the felines would have nothing to do with it!), but I had a hard time justifying spending $4 per dog on a cookie they'd have gone in seconds. 

But I did see that you can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost, which I would definitely be willing to do. I've made my dogs sweet potato treats at home and would love to try my hand at cat cookies, too. I thought I'd also put a call out to see where you get your cat cookies, how much they run and if you can buy them online.

So where's your favorite place to get cat treats? Share it in the chat!

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