Cat And Man Perform Scene From Ghost

Not really, but this is pretty adorable

Have you ever seen a cat work on a clay sculpture at the wheel beside a human sculptor? Check out this video to see an eager cat take part in the creation of new art. It's so adorable I've watched it a few times! I could definitely see my cat doing this, too. They want to be involved in everything we do, and some of my cats like to lay down right in the middle of a game board while we play games, get into art supplies while we're making things and generally be a part of the fun. I think the only reason they've never done this is because they've never been a pottery wheel!

Honestly I think selling pots with cat prints on them (or at least pots that have been touched by cats during the process) would be a pretty good business as much as cat lover like us adore cats. I don't know if I would pay extra for one, but I'd certainly be interested in a pot if it were partly cat-made!

Does your cat do anything like this? 

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