Bulletproof, Fire Away

This cat's titanium!

OK, don't REALLY fire away at this cat. It's not bulletproof, but it IS partly made out of titanium! Ryhzik, a cat in Sibera, lost all of his limbs after being abandoned and getting frostbite. The paws weren't able to be saved, but the human who found and adopted the cat agreed to replace them with prostethics thanks to the vet who trated the animal.

The limbs were made with 3-D printing technology out of titanium, which is still mind-boggling in 2019. Ryhzik is now the only cat in the world who has four titanium paws. Since the prosthetics are integrated with the cat's skin and bones, they help him maintain his ability to walk. The cat didn't even try to remove them, which is fantastic.

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