Black Shelter Cats Go Unadopted

They are also first to get euthenized

It's so hard for me to understand why black cats are the last cats to get adopted and therefore the first to get euthenized. Why don't people love black cats like I do? My first cat was black, fluffy, gorgeous and one of my best friends. I still miss her to this day. Since then, I've never been without a black cat, owning three others so far. I'm sure I'll never be without one. 

People actually still believe them to be unlucky, which just blows my mind. Do these people also throw salt over their shoulders and avoid stepping on cracks? Some people even steal and kill black cats around this time of year, which is just monstrous. The cat I mentioned? A car ran her over on purpose in her old age. I was away at college but my sister had to deal with the culprit bragging about it at school. When she got upset, she was the person to get in trouble, not the cat-killing teenager. 

To highlight the issue, this photographer takes pictures of black cats at the shelter to help promote how cute they are and how they need adopting, too! Her pics are adorable and hopefully will help paint black cats as something to love and not fear or hate. 

Have you ever adopted a black cat? We'd love to see your photos in the chat.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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