Banning Cat Declawing

Are you in favor of a ban?

St. Louis is considering a bill that would ban cat declawing unless it's necessary for the health of the animal, even when performed by a veterinarian. Given that declawing is a cruel and painful act on a cat that leaves it defenseless if ever abandoned or left to fend for itself for any reason, this is something that most cat lovers will celebrate. As tedious as we find having our furniture and doorways used as scratching posts, even when we provide perfectly good posts, we love having our cats intact more. 

I know my cats have gotten out of the house on occasion, which is why we have learned to put them up when we have company. Weighing the stress and possible loss of a cat is hard because they don't like being locked up, even if in a cozy bedroom, but I've had enough scares to prefer locking up to losing. If my cats ever got out again I'd want them to be able to protect themselves from other animals, and I also don't want to subject them to any unecessary and painful procedures for no reason.

What do you think about declawing? I'm sure there are some medical cases that might require it, but otherwise I'm obviously against the procedure. Share your thoughts in the chat.

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