Baby Yoda Cat

Very cute, it is

A few years ago, I saw a dog that looked just like an Ewok and wanted to adopt it so badly. We already have dogs and cats and I knew we couldn't get it because of those reasons, but now that there's a baby Yoda (Kevin?) cat I'm beginning to wonder if there really are any made-up characters in the Star Wars franchise. Maybe they're all based on real life pets!

Joy, a rescued cat who's on the road to recovery following wounds and illnesses she'd had as a stray, bears a small resemblence to "baby Yoda," or The Child from The Mandalorian, but even if she didn't I'm really loving how these shelters are trying to adopt their critters with cool campaigns like this. It really gets peoples' attention and encourages more adoption.

What do you think of Baby Yoda Cat? Do you have a Star Wars critter at home?

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