All The Cat Drama

How do you deal with fighting cats?

All of my cats are fabulous and I wouldn't trade them for anything... but I have one who's as timid as can be and another who likes to bully her. I hate seeing my cream-and-white Pumpkin cower while my long-haired tortie, Sally, chases her, smacks her and torments her. The other day Sally swiped a chunk of fur! It's not something that happens all day (I work from home), but it's bad enough to where I try to separate them if I'm gone, and if Sally's in a room Pumpkin will almost always avoid going in that room.

That said, they have moments where they'll even sleep near each other on the couch or bed! I don't understand it at all. I'd love to hear about other cat owners who deal with a similar situation and how you get your cats to get along. All of my cats are fixed and have their claws, if that matters (I'm not going to declaw, if that's the advice). We've had Sally, age 3, for two years, and Pumpkin, age 6, for one. Both came from the Humane Society. Some have told me to find a new home for one of them and while I don't think it's THAT bad to warrant such a drastic move, I do want Pumpkin safe and happy. 

So what would you do if this were going on in your home, and what have you done in the past to get your cats to get along?

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