Adorable Slippers Make Cat Paws Out Of Your Feet

Do you have any animal footwear?

While I'd never advocate for putting actual cats on your feet, these cute cat shoes are pretty irresistible! They are shaped like cats, and while they're not fluffy or furry like some slippers, they look like they'd be great flip flops for the beach or general summer life. Then again, you could always try buying a cheap pair of your own that are too big and cutting them into these shapes--or even using Sharpies to decorate them the specific way you want them to look. You could even make Garfield stripes.

Of course, if you wanted more protection and a little bit more of a kawaii look, how about these cutie cat shoes with faces on the toes? They are closed toe, so they're better for driving and activities where you may not wish for your toes to be exposed. Kids might also like these adorable shoes with cats wearing floral crowns, which is pretty much too cute to handle. 

Do you have any cute cat footwear? Share yours in the chat!

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