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Pooping on carpet

My 5yr old cat started pooping on carpet thanksgiving when I was gone for 2weeks. I've been gone before in past no problem. He only does this in the middle of the night so I can't catch him. He lives with a 3 yr old cat. Dr. Says he fine medically. I don't know if I should scold him so far I have ignored it. Obviously he is upset about something. Any suggestions? Thanks


Scoop that litter box AT LEAST once a day! If he's pooping on the floor during the night, then you definitely need to scoop it before you go to bed.

At least 75% of cases of cats pooping on the floor are caused by people not scooping the litter box. This is one area where every cat owner (myself included) has room for improvement!



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Cat has started spraying in window in last few weeks. There are no outside cats around here. He was spayed when he was a kitten. We have moved in the last 3 months but he seems to have adjusted well. I am not sure when he is doing this. He has always lived with two female cats. Any suggestions?


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Has anyone had their cat treated with radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism? (radiocat)


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Hi Cindy,
My 11 year old cat was treated a year ago for this and ahs make a full recovery. Hoping your cat will also recover. Treatment was expensive,approximately $2000 AUD but so worthwhile. It was late spring when we treated her and the summer was hot - the treatment definitely saved her life.


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