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Adopt a black cat!

Black cats are less likely to be adopted just because of their color


As I mentioned in my last article, black cats are often the last ones to be adopted. People are superstitious about black cats, and even those who are not uneasy about black cats in general may consider them off-putting or aloof. Without even meeting them!
This is straight up cat racism. And it does the good black cats of the world a great disservice. My first cat was black, and he was a real love. I have a friend who is always rescuing black cats (she currently has four) and all of her cats have had their own individual personalities, just like cats of any other coat color.
(There are other, more technical reasons that might affect people's decisions. For example, in the bad lighting conditions of most animal shelters, it can be more difficult to see expression on a black cat at the back of a cage versus a cat of a lighter color. They also are more difficult to photograph - a crucial problem, in a world where so much adoption info is found online.)
The problem with a black cat's unadoptability is so great that many shelters will hold special "black cat adoption" events, or give discounts for black cats. There are even rescue agencies which specialize in black cats, to help fill the need at shelters. 
However, many shelters also hold back their black cats during the month of October. There is a perception that people will adopt a black cat, then kill it for Halloween. Frankly I have always suspected that this is the animal shelter version of an urban legend. I mean, would someone really go to all that trouble and expense? But no matter; as long as they are willing to hang onto the cats for a little extra time in order to prevent them being used in a Satanic ritual, that's their choice.
A bigger problem is the issue of euthanasia rates. Black cats end up being killed at shelters at a much higher rate than any other coat color. In many municipal shelters, an adult cat is lucky to get 72 hours before it is adopted. If a black cat is passed over in favor of other coat colors, it has little chance. It will probably die.
The next time you are thinking about adopting a cat, please consider adopting a black cat! They may be a little more difficult to photograph for your blog, but they will thank you for rescuing them. Black cats deserve good homes just as much as every other color cat - don't overlook a cat just because it's black!