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Tuxedo Stan is running for mayor

This candiate is promoting a local spay/neuter program.

Right on the heels of learning about Stubbs, the Cat Mayor of Talkeetna, now comes this story from the chilly depths of Canada. Tuxedo Stan is a 3-year-old long haired tuxedo cat who is running for Mayor of Halifax on the Tuxedo Party platform. Tuxedo Stan, a former stray himself, is hoping to "raise awareness about the stray cat problem in Halifax."

Tuxedo Stan's campaign is advocating a city-sponsored spay, neuter, and adoption program. Unfortunately, the city of Halifax is facing a huge issue with stray cats numbering in the thousands living on the streets. 
Municipal law actually bans animals from running for office, which means that Tuxedo Stan is a long shot candidate indeed. He is a true maverick, campaigning tirelessly in the hopes of catching the attention and imagination of Halifax residents. And once he has their attention, Tuxedo Stan hopes to convince them to spay or neuter their pets.

Tuxedo Stan's campaign began when his owners noticed that his Facebook page, where he poses as "the face of stray cats in Halifax," was becoming extremely popular among residents. After receiving 2,300 fans in three months, Tuxedo Stan's owners decided it was time for Tuxedo Stan to hit the campaign trail.
Tuxedo Stan is not just raising awareness of the problem of Halifax's stray cats. He is also raising funds for the animal welfare society, through the proceeds of sales of his campaign buttons, lawn signs, and t-shirts. The funds will go to a city-wide "spay day," when low-income families can have their cats spayed or neutered at little to no cost.
This campaign is a great way to raise awareness of this issue. It boggles my mind that pet owners would be so irresponsible as to not spay or neuter their cats. It's such a simple way to end so much animal suffering, both in Halifax and throughout the world. Between the pain and suffering experienced by stray cats, to the number of cats overwhelming shelters and having to be euthanized, there is no reason not to neuter your cat.
If you are concerned about the cost of the surgery, there are many organizations in Canada and the United States which help low-income families cover the cost of spaying and neutering. The ASPCA has a database of these charities here on their website, so that you can search to find them in your area.