Family finds frozen kitten; nurses him back to health

Happy holidays for one little kitty!
On Thanksgiving morning, the Bingham family was having a relaxing time in their family cabin in Utah, surrounded by snowdrifts - and something else.
The family discovered a stray kitten, seemingly lifeless, who had been buried beneath a snowdrift. The kitten had no detectible heartbeat, but the Binghams didn't give up hope.

Cats don't kill as many birds as we've been told

Don't believe the hype
A few years back, the Smithsonian released a study which claimed that cats (both feral and domestic) kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds, and between 6.9 and 20.7 billion mammals a year. These shocking statistics were passed along by the media without question, and have been used to affect public policy, including regulations put into place that affect feral cat populations.

Veterinarian's shelter music project helps reduce stress in shelter cats

Rescue Animal MP3 to the rescue!
Animal caretakers have long known the benefits of playing calming music in animal's areas, whether it's a horse stable, a veterinarian's office, or an animal shelter. The problem is that not every shelter can afford to license a music service like Pandora, but local radio stations can be problematic, between bad reception and commercials that interrupt the music with LOTS OF YELLING.


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