Black Shelter Cats Go Unadopted

It's so hard for me to understand why black cats are the last cats to get adopted and therefore the first to get euthenized. Why don't people love black cats like I do? My first cat was black, fluffy, gorgeous and one of my best friends. I still miss her to this day. Since then, I've never been without a black cat, owning three others so far. I'm sure I'll never be without one. 

Nope, Cats Are Not Kids

Can you leave your cat home without hiring a babysitter? Can you sleep through the night without having to feed your cat every 2-3 hours from your body? Do you worry about your cat constantly, especially when it refuses to eat or gets a fever or needs to go to the hospital because of RSV or is born prematurely and needs to stay in the NICU for three months or pay thousands of dollars to fix its teeth or give it a good education or try to help it become a responsible citizen or or or...

Why Cats Throw Up

If you have multiple cats, it may seem as if they spend half of their lives just puking all of the time. Hopefully that's just your own perception and not reality, since contstant vomiting would be a serious issue! But if your cat coughs up the random hairball or throws up on occasion, it's likely nothing to worry about.

Most Annoying Cat Habits

Believe it or not, when your cat does something really annoying, he or she may just be trying to tell you something. When they bite while you're petting them? They've had enough but can't tell you in another way. Okay, they could just walk away, but they don't want to get up. You know the feeling. Even if Fluffy has a reason for her annoying behavior, that doesn't make it less annoying for her human!

Best Sources for Cats

Let's begin by saying we don't rescue cats, or dogs for that matter. If you adopt a cat or dog, you paid for it. You did not save it from a trap, an alligator's mouth or a hoarder's neglect. If you did those things directly, yes, you can make the claim that you rescued the animal. How many people who adopt kids say they rescued the kid as a part of a conversation starter?

Hairless Cats

Hairless mammals are perplexing. Sometimes you look at them and you just wonder, "How do I cuddle you?" Cats are for petting! Sure, you can pet a hairless cat, but don't you miss the fluff?

Sphinx cats are not actually hairless, though. They have teeny, tiny fine hairs that are silky when touched. So while the tactile sensation can still be pleasant, there's still the visual to contend with. All creatures are beautiful in some way, right? Some people love hairless animals and others don't want anything to do with them.

Give That Cat a Job!

Everyone mourns when we hear about dogs and cats that are "put down," whether it's due to longterm illness, old age or lack of shelter room. What if there were an alternative to this fate for more shelter animals? Some cities are putting their feral cat populations to work, helping themselves as well as the cats in the process.

Cats Scared of Fireworks?

Many pet owners find their furry friends quite distressed during Independence Day (and New Year's Eve) festivities, and for good reason. Those fireworks are complete mysteries to pets, who only know they are hearing noises that sound loud and scary. Just think if you didn't know what they were: would you still like them? No, you'd think that the country was at war or something!

Coping with the Loss of a Cat

It was by no means out of the blue. He was 16, losing weight, blind. He cried through the night in pain. The vet said it was the kindest choice for him, and that even if he had lived another year, he would have been miserable. But it was the first time that I ever had to have a pet "put down" as an adult. It sounds like a difficult choice but it's so much more than that. You almost feel like a monster even though you know it's the right thing to do.


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