Your Cat Probably Knows Their Name

Dogs are always said to be so smart, recognizing 200 words, including their names, and responding to commands. I've always maintained that those facts don't negate the intelligence of cats, and in fact cats may be even smarter because they're the ones who domesticated us and not vice versa. They'd eat us if they were larger, they develop elaborate plans to steal our food and cause mayhem, and according to new research, they also know their names.

When The Cat Can't Settle Down

How many of you cat people have cats that just can't settle down in your house? Do you have a cat that no matter how calming or quiet you are, it randomly jumps around like it's seen a ghost and runs across your face while you're asleep, scratching you in the process? Yeah, I have one of those. She's almost five and she still does this. Aside from locking her in the laundry room at night, I don't have a fix, which is sad because she's a sweet sleeping companion when she's not randomly scratching me to pieces.

Cats Will Be Cats

Cats will be cats, whether that means being curious to a fault, a walking hot mess or absolute jerks. All of these keep us coming back for more cat videos and photos every day and I don't think we'll ever tire of them. This collection of photos is a fantastic example of cats doing their best to be goofy, salty and downright catty. My favorite photo is the one where the cat steals the bunny's cage! I have a cat who's done the same with guinea pigs.

Giant Cats Are Coming!

Watch out, the giant cats are coming! They'll stomp your car, squash your house and make the Hellboy demons look pathetic! Okay, that's not very hard to do, but even so, these enormous cats look super funny because they've been manipulated by an artist who has reimagined them as giants. Remember the cats we shared a few weeks ago where you could look at them from under a clear glass table?

Curious Cats From The Other Side

Can we all just agree that the best part of the Internet is free access to unlimited cat photos and videos? I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at cats (or bunnies or llamas, for that matter. Or baby goats or...), and this collection of cats perched on glass surfaces is unique because you get to see the felines from the opposite side we usually catch them from!

No Vegan Food For Your Feline Friend

More and more people seem to enjoy the idea of feeding their pets a vegan diet and I'm here to tell you that if you want to have a vegan pet, get a bunny. Buns are adorable, funny and will enjoy a vegan diet every day. So will chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters... you get the idea. If the idea of eating meat, even when it's your pet doing it and not you, is off-putting, then do not adopt a carnivore. It's completely unfair to that pet. How would you like it if some alien ape-like species adopted you and only fed you raw steak because that's what they ate?


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