giving a cat away

I'm allergic to cats and my husband has had his cat for about 10 years. We were recently married and he needs to give the cat away. He's asked several friends and no one seems to want a 10 year old cat. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can find someone who would take her? We live in NY.
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Before, you and your husband do anything drastic ,may i suggest that you go to this site and do some reading ! Surely,there is a solution to allow is longtime companion to remain where he or she's been for 10 years,before you came along!


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Keeping the cat is not an option. I sense your hostility toward those of us who can't live with cats so unfortunately your "suggestion" is irrelevant to the question.


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Hostile, not in the least,however i feel that you are perhaps jealous of your new husbands affection towards the cat,and suddenly you developped some made up "i'm allergic to your cat syndrome".Your husband should have reconsidered a partner that could share his love for animals!Take some antihistamines and stop your whining,live and let live !!!.....


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I find it fascinating that someone who is supposed to "love" animals can't appreciate there are others who can't live with cats and are looking for advice on how to find a new loving home. Honey, obviously the most meaningful and significant relationship you've had has been with a cat (you poor thing!!) so you're not capable of understanding the cat needs a new home. Since you obviously don't have any helpful advice and can't address the question that I posted (by the way, I really don't care what you "think"), leave the responding to someone who can comprehend the question and can provide some advice on how to find the cat a safe and loving home.


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Thanks Cat Lover, but we have serious problems. I also have a very close family member who has ended up going to the hospital twice after being around the cat due to a serious respiratory problem were exacerbated by the exposure. My husband has agreed (he also has a niece on his side who can't come to our house at all) because of the cat). We've done EVERYTHING to alleviate the problem including removing all the carpeting from our house. We've spoken with experts on the subject and unfortunately, we've come to this point.

I'm glad it worked out for you. Hopefully we'll find someone soon. :)


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F.Y.I.(I've been happily married to my husband for 16 terrific yrs!)Fortunately,some of us folks here,have the ability to love animals, enough to be able to share the gratification ,with a Partner who by all means,should also have that common interest! If not then move on it sucks to be you !You are the most selfish person i've read about.So much that i'm done wasting my time responding to your fucken plight, oh, and by the way if you really don't care what i think then what the FUCK are you doing reading this you dumd ass! I hope the CAT gets it's claws into you before you send it to it's DEATH ! BITCH......


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You are a very sick woman and I hope someone helps those cats of yours. Who knows what kind of sick acts you do to them behind closed doors. Your anger and rage is totally bizarre...


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Looks like Catty's cats need a new home so she can go to a mental institution where she belongs. LOL


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Try and use the feature "Find a shelter". Alot of shelters only deal with strays, but maybe you can find one who will help you.

I'm sorry for the mean attitudes some have expressed here, and I hope you will read this. Pets are NOT disposable, but it sounds like you have a difficult situation and are doing your best to deal with it humanely. People should respect that.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the tip. We probably wouldn't give the cat to a shelter but maybe they can give us some leads on finding a new home. I understand that the mean spirited sentiments of one person who posts on this site isn't representative of the rest. Appreciate the advice.


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Catfriendly, you don't know anything about me ! Have you ever heard of the freedom of speech ? That's my right to tell a half wit like you and that whining New Yorker what the reality of the matter is!Her husband is as dumd as they come for choosing to marry a sad excuse for a woman who has no tolerance for animals!Forsaken and old tired cat for her, boys i hope that they will both be haunted by their decision to get rid of the poor thing,instead of that idiot woman getting herself on some kind of antihistamine and shutting the fuck up about a poor defenceless creature!!!!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!....


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Small things amuse SMALL MINDS! such as yours you twit!you're one to talk about meaningful and significant relationships! what are you thinking ? Was your husbands relationship with his 10 yr old cat insignificant and not meaningful , it's more like you don't understand that the cat needs to remain in HIS OR HER HOME your the intruder walking in to disrupt everything ! Some day you'll get yours , guaranteed be it 1yr.,2,3,4,5so on and so forth more likely you'll experience great suffering when and if someday you have kids, then the cats wrath shall haunt all those close to YOU! Through this e-mail i have cursed you, you will suffer, make no mistake about it!Catzam! it is done!